PPC strategies designed for B2B SaaS products

We help B2B SaaS companies maximize their paid marketing potential with cross-channel ad targeting and advanced post-click optimization.

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Our PPC model

Tangible results

We are focused on real results - to deliver high-qualified leads that actually convert to paid customers.

Dedicated team

You’ll get your own PPC strategist, account manager and copywriter that will work with you on a day to day basis.

Creative approach

In addition to numbers and statistics we will make your landing pages and ads shine through.

Our approach to paid advertising for B2B SaaS companies


We don’t report on vanity metrics like traffic or impressions. We care about driving more sign ups, demos, and customers.


Proven tactics that will help you improve website visit ➝ sign up ➝ paid customer conversion rate.


We've lead large scale campaigns for several B2B SaaS products. We understand the specific customer needs from the B2B niche.


Our goal is to drive purchase-ready sign ups to your app and sales team. We achieve that with intelligent targeting and funneled remarketing campaigns.


Customer acquisition success depends greatly on bridging the gap between marketing and sales. Aligning these activities is crucial.


You'll have an overview of the complete process, so you can rest assured that everything will be done by the plan. Through the whole process we'll keep an eye on what can be improved and stay open to changes and new ideas.


We develop a strategy that works

Increase free trial signups, conversion rate and MRR.
Together we will focus to improve your marketing metrics without spending years for results to kick in.


Top ad networks for SaaS & B2B Tech products

With over $1 million in annual ad spend for our clients, we know which channels
bring paying customers for B2B SaaS business.

  • The Google Ads network is the most effective way to generate high-quality leads for your SaaS. To maximise your exposure, together with the search network we combine YouTube, and the display network.
  • Because the majority of Bing ad network users are in the B2B vertical, Bing (Microsoft ads) is an excellent place to target your ideal SaaS customers.
  • As part of the Microsoft network, we combine LinkedIn ads with Bing ads to target the same audience verticals across both networks and deliver the best results.
  • Capterra, the most well-known software review site in the Gartner network. Capterra is visited by people who are actively looking for new software and who want to read reviews and compare products from various vendors.
  • Facebook ads are highly effective not just for reaching your desired demographic in a specific setting, but also for retargeting your existing customers and boosting the number of leads entering your sales funnel.
  • Quora allows you to create contextual ads in three different formats. Options include an image ad, text ad, and Promote an Answer ad. Targeting options include interest, topics, questions, geography, or platform.
  • G2 is the software review platform where you can create and display sponsored content for your brand to highlight your differentiators. Focus on active buyers viewing your brand with buyer intent signals.

Ultimate B2B SaaS paid media checklist

Before we kick-off with paid ads for your SaaS product, we want to make sure you have everything in place

  • Complete Analytics Setup Pro*
  • Conversion tracking setup Pro*
  • Campaign structure setup
  • Keyword quality score optimization
  • Advanced bid modifiers Pro*
  • Ad copywriting and design
  • In-depth Competitor research
  • Click fraud protection
  • Remarketing strategies Pro*
  • A/B split testing
  • Audience intelligence
  • Data import to CRM Pro*
  • CRO strategies Pro*
  • Customized PPC performance reports Pro*
  • Customer acquisition cost calculation Pro*
  • Advanced funnel insights Pro*

Understand your customer journey

We will help Software As a Service businesses to setup data events, target right
audiences and follow user behavior to reduce traffic drop-off.

Data Setup

Consolidate all your
metrics and tracking event

PPC Management

Setup PPC campaigns and
target right audiences

Landing Pages

Increase conversion rate
with custom made pages

CRO Activities

Identify friction points
and reduce user drop-off

Case studies

Learn more about how other SaaS companies profit by employing our paid marketing strategies.

Multi-channel performance optimization

Get every ad channel pulling towards your goals


Case study

Our PPC strategy led to these incredible results for:


“Over the last year and a half, we’ve generated the highest number of demo requests of all time.”


Vladimir Kovalskiy
Founder and CEO


Increase in MQLs


Decrease in cost per lead


Sign up to MQL conversion rate improvement

More than an agency

We work as an extended marketing team


We streamline mutual communication directly through Slack.

No waiting hours for a response. Our updated happens instantly.

Dedicated management

Get 100% control over your ad campaigns

Bidding & Budgeting

We take care of your budget pacing to deliver both quality & volume.


That is detailed as GEO, OS, device, audiences.

Campaign Management

Track, analyze, optimize campaigns straight from the PPC accounts.

Scalable pricing

Whether you thought of hiring an in house performance marketer, tried to manage a freelancer, or even worked
with one of those “PPC agencies that do it all but don’t know SaaS,” we have a plans that’s easy on the wallet.


Best if you invest up to $5,000/mo in paid advertising
No contracts 

Starts from

$1.500 per month


  • 2 ad networks management
  • Slack update
  • Ads copywriting
  • Landing pages suggestions by our CRO team
  • Ad creatives suggestions by our design team
  • Dedicated campaign manager; Dedicated copywriter
  • A twelve-month back audit


Best if you invest $5,000-$15,000/mo in paid advertising
3-month contract

Starts from

$2.500 per month


Everything in Essential plus

  • Unlimited ad networks management
  • Daily Slack support & updates
  • 2 ad creative assets designs per month
  • 2 landing page designs per month
  • Remarking strategies
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Dedicated PPC strategist; Dedicated campaign manager; Dedicated copywriter; Dedicated designer
  • A two-year back audit


Best if you invest $15,000-$50,000/mo in paid advertising
6-month contract

Starts from

$3.900 per month


Everything in Growth plus

  • Multilingual campaigns (ES, DE, FRA)
  • Unlimited ad creative design per month
  • Unlimited landing page design & development per month
  • CRO strategies
  • Funnel implementations
  • A/B Growth testings
  • User onboarding optimization
  • Advanced attribution reports
  • Acquisition forecasts & predictions
  • Dedicated PPC strategist; Dedicated campaign manager; Dedicated copywriter; Dedicated designer
  • All-time audit

Your benefits

In house team like approach

Results & performance driven approach

No vanity metrics reporting such as
CTR, impression share, etc.

Partner agency - your
success our success

Partner with the biggest tech vendors in the industry (Segment, Clearbit, Mixpanel, Adalysis)

Problem solving mindset

We've helped 50+ B2B SaaS companies grow
their sales pipeline and revenue

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Grow your SaaS
with confidence

Just choose a date in the calendar and we’ll contact
you with more details ASAP.