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Top B2B SaaS Demand Generation Agencies. Reviews & Service Portfolios

top b2b saas demand generation agencies


Demand generation sounds like something automatic you set and forget, and it keeps generating clients forever. As always, the opposite is true – generating demand consistently not only requires a lot of effort but actual in-field knowledge and experience, ideally working with other companies similar to your SaaS venture.


That’s where B2B SaaS demand generation agencies come into play.


This post will list your 5 best demand generation agencies, and we will also list your reasons why you should partner with one in the first place. We will also tell you more about demand generation, and why working on a demand generation strategy is important for any business, SaaS in particular. Let’s hunt! 🎯


What is Demand Generation?


Demand generation is a long-term strategy that helps your business satisfy a specific need potential customers have, without immediately pitching sales. This marketing strategy aims to increase the awareness your company has among the target audience.


Then, when they become ready and the need to buy arises, you will be the first that will come to their mind.


But, simultaneously, through promotional and educational activities, demand generation will help potential customers realize how they can grow your business with a product such as yours.


Demand generation is a comprehensive framework that includes the following:


Demand creation


Demand creation is the initial phase of demand generation in which you closely define the target audience, start working on engagement, and eventually capture them as leads, all while managing the demand to ensure a steady flow of potential customers.


Demand capture


All the created demand in the world would be to no avail if leads don’t start entering your pipeline. The process of drawing your leads whose attention you have awakened through demand creation, and pulling them through your funnel to get them ready for your offer is what demand capture is.


Demand conversion


The conversion itself is the pinnacle of demand generation activities, and is where all your effort turns into 🤑. Here, the created attention resulted in a captured lead, who, after getting exposed to your sales funnel, is now ready to hear your offer, and your sales team gets a homerun.


How SaaS companies can implement demand generation strategy?


The best way to develop and implement a demand generation strategy is to partner up with pros (we will get to the best demand generation agencies in a second). However, if you just want to get started and get a grasp of what needs to be done, here are a few simple steps you can take:

  • Define target audience: you want to have a clear picture of your ideal customers, so you can tailor your future marketing activities to that particular avatar.
  • Pick marketing channels: based on your niche and avatar, you will need to select where you want to appear. SEO and PPC ads are usually a safe bet, but that doesn’t automatically mean they are the right one for you. Depending on your brand, maybe you will need to develop a YouTube or even TikTok presence, especially if you have a younger audience.
  • Start producing content: to generate demand and draw attention, you need to provide value, and that’s where content marketing comes into play.
  • Set up a sales funnel: all of those people who watch and interact with your content are leads and potential customers, so make sure you set up at least a basic sales funnel early, which will capture their contact information, and slowly expose them to tailored content.
  • Close, analyze, optimize, repeat: once you start converting the leads and closing sales, your job is not finished – it never will be. You should work on optimizing your activities through testing, aiming to improve conversion percentages. A bump of 0.1% might seem small, but it can make a massive difference especially when the number of leads in your funnel grows.


Best demand generation agencies in 2024


The main issue with doing everything on your own is the fact that you also need to run your business – marketing, and sales are only a fraction of it. Therefore, something has to give.


The second problem is that even marketing agencies themselves specialize in one of two areas of demand generation. That makes it impossible to compete with specialized knowledge and experience on your own – if your competitors hire demand generation experts, you are out of luck.


A much better strategy is to identify your current needs and partner up with a specialized agency that will convert your wishes into action. Here are the best ones:


1. Bounty Hunter for demand capture & conversion


Bountyhunter agency landing page


Bounty Hunter specializes in working with SaaS businesses, helping you scale sustainably. Demand capture and conversion is what we do best – we ensure all that hard work put in to create demand and attention is fully utilized through carefully designed and continuously tested and optimized sales funnels.


And the numbers don’t lie – conversions are everything but a vanity metric. If the setup is right, the number of conversions will continue to grow, putting more funds into your hands to make the product even better.


Portfolio project: Sell the trend

Review score: 4.9/5 (Clutch)


2. Refine Labs for Demand Gen & ABM Execution


Refine Labs landing page saying modern, deman, built for dark special


Remember how we talked about how even a 0.1% conversion increase will make a huge difference once your funnel starts attracting massive amounts of leads? Well, for that to happen, you will need to work on demand generation, and that’s where Refine Labs can help.


Refine Labs will work with your team and create a tailored demand-generation solution for your type of business. That means you won’t rely on traditional lead generation strategies that will attract random people not even remotely interested in subscribing to your product. Instead, you will have a pipeline with positive ROI and a paved road in front of you of high-value accounts that are ready to be contacted and turned into customers.


Portfolio project: Splash

Review score: 4.8/5 (G2)


3. Skale for organic traffic generation


skale landing page


Organic traffic is slow, but once it starts producing results, it will become a factory of leads continuously flowing to your pipeline. As such, a well-put organic traffic strategy usually has excellent ROI, which is why partnering with an SEO specialist agency matters.


Skale helps SaaS businesses achieve steady, long-term growth through search engine optimization and marketing. Their bread and butter are producing quality content for your brand, managing it, and building links on quality websites to boost yours.


While SEO isn’t anything new, nor fancy, and the competition is fierce, if you partner up with people who know their craft, it still can provide excellent value, and Skale agency will guarantee that.


Portfolio project:  Moonplay

Review score: 4.5/5 (G2)


4. Gripped – a full-service SaaS agency


Gripped.io landing page


Gripped is a London-based SaaS digital marketing agency that provides an all-around set of services, while still maintaining quality in every aspect.


They can help you with everything from developing the strategy, all the way to executing it to the latter – website building, SEO, SMM, content marketing, paid search and paid social, and more.


While it is usually not the best approach to go with generalist agencies, Gripped has a track record of working with large clients and helping them achieve results, making them a trustworthy option.


Portfolio project: Nozzle

Review score: 4.9/5 (Clutch)


5. Kalungi – fractional CMO and tailored SaaS marketing


Kalungi landing page


Kalungi can take over all of your marketing activities, putting a strategic marketing leader in charge, who will set up the entire process and tailor it to your business needs. Based on that, they will implement a variety of tactics – organic traffic, paid advertisement, social media, ABM, video marketing, and even design, and development.


This approach allows you to completely focus on improving your SaaS product, while Kalungi takes over all of your marketing activities. That way, there is no gambling – the entire process, from start to finish, is handled by experienced SaaS marketing professionals.


Portfolio project: Clearwave

Review score: 5/5 (Hubspot)


Wrapping it up


As you can see from our article, demand generation is an integral part of marketing, consisting of several key parts.


Even though it seems complicated, in the end, it comes to setting up a solid strategy tailored to your business needs, executing the plan, and analyzing and optimizing based on the results.


That’s why it’s best to partner up with a demand generation agency that specializes in working with SaaS businesses, leave this tedious process to professionals, and enjoy looking at your conversion rate growth. 📈



I am a skilled growth hacker and content manager at BountyHunter, with over six years of freelancing experience. Speeding up business growth through innovative marketing and strong storytelling is my speciality. Goals: Company and personal growth.

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