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Top 10 B2B Paid Search (PPC) Agencies in 2024. Reviews & Case Studies

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With 95% of all search traffic landing on the first page of results, PPC advertising can be quite important to your online marketing campaigns. You may grow your company and convert clicks into revenue with the assistance of these leading pay-per-click companies. They can take care of all the pay-per-click advertising tasks that need to be done and have a track record of reliably producing significant results.


What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?


Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an online advertising model where businesses only get charged when viewers click on their ads. With paid search, campaigns are mostly associated with search engines like Google or Bing, where you bid on a click’s value based on keywords, audience, and industry.


Google Ads is the most used search engine advertising system that enables businesses to create bids on keywords and show their adverts results on Google pages. Microsoft Ads offers a similar platform for advertising on the Bing search engine. The two platforms provide numerous types of targeting mechanisms and ad formats that organizations can use to reach their customers. 


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Why is PPC good for B2B?


PPC’s beauty is in its ability to send relevant traffic to websites, providing instant visibility and a direct line of communication with prospective clients.


Moreover, its inherent measurability and flexibility allow for comprehensive performance analysis and budget control, making it a favored strategy among marketers aiming to optimize their online presence, increase conversions, and drive a high return on investment.


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Pay-per-click is particularly potent in the B2B sector due to its precision targeting and measurable ROI, aligning seamlessly with the typically longer sales cycles and niche markets inherent in B2B transactions. It can be beneficial for B2B companies for several reasons:

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Increased Visibility and Reach
  • Immediate Results


Generally speaking, PPC is a great marketing tool that many organizations employ in building awareness for their brand and converting leads to customers using cost-effective methods.


Top B2B PPC Agencies in 2024


In the process of selecting a paid search agency to handle your ad campaigns, several aspects should be kept in mind. Firstly, evaluate the Agency’s specific expertise in handling paid search advertisements, especially regarding your industry. Seek out agencies that understand your target audience well and can prove they will be able to deliver results.


1. Bounty Hunter


Bountyhunter agency landing page


Bounty Hunter is B2B paid search agency with strong focus on designing and maintaining SaaS-tailored PPC campaigns. Their strategy is to increase MQLs and SQLs by implementing focused and performance-based paid marketing tactics. Agency’s primary focus is on helping B2B SaaS businesses in achieving the highest level of ROI by the use of advanced tools and analytics, as well as optimising paid advertising performance. Armed with extensive expertise of the B2B SaaS industry, the agency has been able to grasp how digital advertising works in that area, resulting in long-term results for its clients.


Key services:

  • Campaign Management – Managing paid search campaigns on various platforms like Google Ads, and Bing ads to get a maximum return of investment (ROI) for SaaS companies.
  • SaaS Marketing Strategy Development – Formulating an all-encompassing digital marketing plan tailored to the needs and goals of software as a service business.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Implementing strategies aimed at improving the efficiency of landing pages and other digital collateral to increase conversion rates owing to pay per click campaigns.


Bounty Hunter offers plenty of case studies:


Recent project:


Bounty hunter's recent project rated 5 stars


Review score: 4.9/5 (Clutch)


2. UNLMTD Agency


Unlimited agency landing page


UNLTMD Agency specializes in creating effective paid advertising strategies across platforms like Google Ads and social media. They focus on delivering measurable results and maximizing ROI through market analysis and precise audience targeting.


In their approach to pay-per-click, UNLMTD Agency places importance on keyword research and optimization, choosing high-value keywords to attract relevant traffic. They create powerful ads and make the ad copy constantly improve so that it leads to better performance of campaigns. One of the main features of their offering is CRO which focuses on enhancing conversion or click-throughs and improving landing effectiveness.


Key services:

  • Comprehensive pay-per-click Marketing Strategy: UNLMTD Agency develops a customized PPC strategy that aligns with the client’s business goals, targeting the right audience through meticulous market analysis and audience segmentation.
  • Expert Campaign Management: They manage campaigns across various platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media platforms, focusing on optimizing ad spending for the best outcomes.
  • Keyword Research and Optimization: The agency employs advanced techniques in keyword research to identify high-value keywords that attract the right traffic, ensuring that marketing campaigns are focused and effective.


UNLMTD Digital Agency offers plenty of case studies:


Recent project:


UNLMTD agency 4.5 stars review


Review score: 4.8/5 (Clutch)


3. KlientBoost


klientboost agency landing page


KlientBoost is a digital marketing agency that focuses on pay-per-click advertising. They provide services like Google Ads management, Facebook advertising, and landing page design to help businesses improve their online presence and generate higher lead volumes.


KlientBoost has a team of experienced marketers and data analysts who work towards helping their clients optimize their online advertising campaigns and maximize their return on investment. KlientBoost offers expertise and strategies to help small businesses launch their first paid search campaigns or larger companies improve existing online marketing efforts, leading to goal achievement.


Key services:

  • KlientBoost offers results-driven marketing strategies.
  • They provide a personalized approach tailored to each client’s unique goals and needs.
  • KlientBoost utilizes cutting-edge technology and analytics to optimize marketing campaigns for maximum performance.


Case studies:


Recent project:


KlientBoost five stars review


Review score: 4.9/5 (Clutch)


4. Sociallyn


Sociallyn landing page


Sociallyn is one of the higher-level social media agencies specialized in providing excellent social media marketing and paid ads services for businesses no matter their size. Sociallyn has a team of experts who understand all the latest trends and algorithms used within social media platforms to create highly effective strategies for business growth.


From maintaining social media accounts for their clients to creating interesting content, or even getting great results from their ad campaigns, Sociallyn does more than is needed to make sure that the clients have a strong and effective social media presence. With their dedication and expertise, businesses can expect increased brand visibility, higher customer engagement, and ultimately, more conversions and success on social media.


Key services:

  • Customized social media strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs
  • Campaign management
  • Creating engaging content, growing social media presence, and driving targeted traffic to maximize results and ROI through paid advertising


Case studies:


Recent project: 


sociallyn five stars review project


Review score: 4.6/5 (Clutch)


5. NinjaPromo


Ninjapromo landing page


NinjaPromo is known for its mastery of the digital marketing domain, especially in paid advertising. Their perspective is based on new technologies and analytical methods, which allows them to manage digital ads effectively.


NinjaPromo has a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior; it specializes in launching paid search campaigns aimed at specific audiences that lead to high engagement and conversion rates. The proficiency in pay-per-click is complemented by a keen focus on creativity and social media savviness, which allows their campaigns to drive traffic as well as sales while simultaneously creating long-term brand awareness and loyalty.


NinjaPromo’s capacity to combine innovative technology with creative marketing approaches enables them to provide bespoke, results-driven PPC solutions tailored specifically to the individual requirements and objectives of every client.


They provide a wide range of services:

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Specializing in creating and managing campaigns across various platforms to maximize ROI.
  • Google Ads Management: Expert handling of Google Ads campaigns, focusing on optimizing for search visibility and conversion.
  • Social Media Marketing: Developing and executing comprehensive social media strategies to engage audiences and enhance brand presence.


Case studies:


Recent project:


ninjapromo.io 5 stars review


Review score: 5/5 (Clutch)


6. Lyfe Marketing


Lyfemarketing landing page


Lyfe Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in creating highly-focused social media campaigns specific to certain demographics, driving the audience and creating brand loyalty. They are particularly good at developing engaging content that is not only popular but also interactive and shareable.


Outside the social media, Lyfe Marketing provides a wide ranges of digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, pay-per-click advertising, Search Ads, Google Analytics for a complete digital strategy. They have a team of experienced professionals that use sophisticated analytical and reporting tools for tracking campaign effectiveness, offering clients actionable information and ongoing improvements.


By providing tangible outcomes, Lyfe Marketing seeks to boost website traffic, improve brand reputation, and generate sales for its clients. This makes them an ideal partner to companies seeking a solution in moving their digital marketing efforts forward.


Key services:

  • Social Media Advertising: Social media advertising through targeted ad campaigns for brand promotion and audience engagement.
  • Content Marketing: Building and disseminating quality content to attract an interested audience that will engage profitable customer action.
  • Search Marketing: Implementing strategies on search engines to achieve high online visibility and numbers by using both organic and paid ways.
  • Pay-per-click Advertising: Effectively managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns to ensure traffic and conversions are generated through focused ads.


Case Studies:


Recent project:


lyfemarketing 5 stars review


Review score: 4.4/5 (Clutch)


7. Brainlabs


Brainlabs landing page


Brainlabs is a digital advertising agency that utilizes data-driven and experimental strategies for online advertising. They specialize in the designing of innovative solutions on multiple digital platforms with Influencer Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, CRO, and complex analytics.


Through creative strategies and technical skills, Brainlabs helps businesses achieve marketing goals while strengthening their digital presence. Their commitment to iterative testing, learning, and optimization enables them to offer personalized marketing campaigns that produce impressive returns.


Some of their notable clients: are American Express, Adidas, ClearScore… Brainlabs is recognized as a pioneer in digital marketing, leading the way in harnessing new technology and data analytics to drive continuous improvement within online advertising.


Key services:

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Expert management services of paid search campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads, leading to improved ROI with proper placement and bidding.
  • Social Media Marketing: Developing and implementing successful social media campaigns for brands to increase visibility, interact with the target audience, and generate leads.
  • Social Ads: Creating customized ads for social media platforms that target specific audience segments to enhance engagement and effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Influencer Marketing: Partnering with influencers to promote the brand and engage the audience by partnering with them across diverse platforms.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Enhancing organic search engine rankings via content and layout website optimization.


Recent project: 


Brainlabs 5 stars review


Review score: 5/5 (Clutch)


8. Ignite Visibility


ignite visibility landing page


Ignite Visibility is one of the leading digital marketing agencies that take a holistic approach to developing online marketing strategies. They provide a wide variety of services such as SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and conversion rate optimization. Ignite Visibility will develop custom strategies for customer generation and they will do regular reporting so that you can see the impact of their strategies.


Their approach is based on a results-oriented methodology aimed at raising the visibility, traffic, and online presence of its clients. Some of Ignite Visibility’s notable clients are CarStar, Camoholding, and Doozycards LLC.


Their data-driven and creative approach ensures campaigns are not only targeted and effective but also original. With a focus on results that can be measured and a customized approach for each customer, Ignite Visibility has become the leading name in the digital marketing industry assisting businesses of all sizes to experience immense growth and success in the digital landscape.


Key services:

  • Pay per click Marketing: Expert management of campaigns through different channels, focusing on ROI in the process of devising targeted ads, bidding strategies, and constant reviews.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Designing and implementing affiliate programs with affiliates, influencers, and related websites to increase the reach and achieve sales through promotion.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Developing and implementing complex digital marketing campaigns that employ different channels and tactics to bring about desired business outcomes.
  • Social Media Management: Managing brand’s social media presence such as content creation, community engagement, and performance analysis


Case studies:

Recent project:


Ignite visibility 5 stars review


Review score: 4.9/5 (Clutch)


10. JumpFly


Jumpfly landing page


JumpFly is an outstanding online marketing and management agency specializing in customer journey mapping and improvement through a comprehensive suite of digital marketing and management solutions. Their highly qualified marketing team is focused on the development of customized strategies to meet a range of businesses, ranging from start-ups to established organizations. JumpFly is capable of many aspects of digital marketing such as social media ads and conversion optimization.


Their method concentrates on evaluating and enhancing each contact point within the customer journey, thereby providing a harmonious collaboration between the brand and its audience. Focusing on conversion optimization, they aim to turn website traffic into true results that improve ROI for their customers.


Some of their notable clients: EarthMed, Top Business Class, and Harvard Business Services… With a dedication to boosting growth and optimizing performance, JumpFly becomes an adaptable and goal number one oriented partner for organizations attempting to increase their online presence.


Key services:

  • Social Advertising: Execution of targeted advertising campaigns on various social media networks to keep the audience entertained and to enhance the brand’s recognition.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Specializing in campaign management across media such as Google Ads and Bing Ads, to maximize return on investment.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Implementing strategies to improve organic search rankings and increase website visibility.
  • Display Advertising: Managing display advertising campaigns across the web, including banner ads and retargeting efforts.


Case studies:


Recent project: 


Jumpfly 5 stars review


Review score: 4.9/5 (Clutch)


10. Black Propeller


black propeller landing page


Black Propeller is a marketing agency, that specializes in managing and executing pay-per-click advertising campaigns. They emphasize creating top-notch results on several digital lands like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and social media.


Black Propeller focuses on delivering data-based decisions with creative ad solutions for each campaign to match its clients’ goals and needs. Their strategy revolves around maximizing ROI by conducting detailed keyword research, crafting oriented advertisements, and continuous optimization. Serving a diverse range of industries, Black Propeller has an extraordinary ability to apply strategies that are befitting every market segment and business need.


Black Propeller focuses on transparency and openness, with clients being fully briefed through the campaign process. Whether it is raising brand awareness, driving traffic or generating conversions, Black Propeller’s specialist team utilizes their in-depth paid ads expertise to deliver measurable and impactful results for their clients.


Key services:

  • Advertising Management:  Campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
  • Social Media Advertising: Creating strategically targeted advertising campaigns using different social media platforms to increase the brand’s presence and encourage audience interaction.
  • Google Shopping Campaigns: Using product listing ads from Google Shopping to market online and local inventory, bring more people traffic into websites or stores for better-qualified leads.
  • Display Advertising: Display ad campaign development and the administration for reassuring brand awareness and retargeting previous site visitors.


Case studies:


Recent project: 


black propellers 4.5 stars review


Review score: 4.8/5 (Clutch)


Choosing The Best Agency for Your Needs


By doing keyword research, creating ad copy, and taking part in ad auctions, anyone can start a paid search campaign. But the trick is knowing how to do it properly. That’s where a paid search agency comes in. And since no two businesses are the same, you need to be able to find an agency that will know how to tailor the campaign to your unique business objectives and ambitions. So make sure you find the right partner to help you navigate the digital marketing waters.



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