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Learn best practices provided by our experts and understand what's the main advantages of Google Analytics 4 over Universal Analytics.

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Key Benefits of Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Gather Data

  • Built-in BigQuery integration
  • Cross-platform tracking website & app
  • More intelligent user privacy features
  • Common events are tracked automatically

Analyze Information

  • User properties
  • More accurate cross-device tracking
  • Detailed engagement metrics
  • Predictive metrics

Reporting & Decision Making

  • Improved user journey tracking
  • User explorer report with user segments
  • Enhanced funnel visualisations
  • Enhanced attribution analysis

What our GA4 Setup Looks like?


Identify your challenges and goals

We begin our onboarding by identifying the challenges you are looking to overcome and the goals want to achieve with GA4.


Create a personalized Onboarding timeline

After having a clear vision of your goals & challenges, we create a personalized onboarding plan that is tailored for your business model and data you want to have in your Google Analytics 4 property.


Planning Your Data And Guide You Through It

Once both parties agree on the timeline, we create detailed implementation plan and specifications for GA4 and guide on how to employ it to its fullest.


Data implementation

After we determine all the data you want to track in GA4 we'll provide clear directions to your dev team and let them lead the way through the technical side of implementation.


Create reporting dashboards

After having a full setup off all events and properties you need, we create a personalized dashboards that is tailored to metrics you want to track.

GA4 Setup Checklist

How Google Analytics Works

  • Google Analytics 4 Events - Concepts
  • Capturing Data Using GA4 Events
  • Google Tag Manager and GA4

Planning your analytics

  • Identifying business goals
  • Starting a measurement plan
  • Finalizing the measurement plan

Google Analytics setup part #1

  • Create a GA4 property
  • Structuring GA4 property
  • Cross-domain tracking, filtering internal traffic, etc.

Google Analytics setup part #2

  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Naming convention
  • Event parameters and custom dimensions
  • Conversion tracking and conversion modelling
  • Purchase tracking (a.k.a. Ecommerce tracking)

Implementation part #1

  • User properties configuration
  • User ID implementation
  • Audiences & triggers
  • GA4 integrations

Reports - standard reports

  • Acquisition reports
  • Engagement reports
  • Monetization, demographics, tech reports

Reports - custom reports

  • Funnel exploration
  • Path exploration
  • Cohort exploration
  • Segment overlap, user lifetime, user explorer

Marketing campaigns and attribution

  • User acquisition vs traffic acquisition
  • Default channel grouping
  • Attribution settings, attribution models, data-driven attribution
  • Conversion paths

Detailed GA4 Consulting & Setup timeline

Kick-off Call

  • Team Introduction
  • Identify challenges
  • State the plan

GA4 Property Setup

  • Setting up dev & production properties
  • Overview of the GA4 interface
  • Overview of admin settings
  • DebugView

Planning your analytics

  • Asking questions about the business. Talking with stakeholders.
  • Identifying business goals
  • Starting a measurement plan
  • Prioritizing your implementation

Data Implementation & Verification

  • Tracking specifications for dev team
  • Project creation & implementation timeliness
  • Final implementation
  • Testing, debugging & checkups

Reports and Dashboard Setup

  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Creating Custom reports
  • Attribution reporting setup

Post Installation and Support

  • After finishing the installation of GA4. property, we will verify all the setup and move towards achieving next level goals
  • Migration from Universal Analytics to GA4

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