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Best Product-Led Growth Agencies You Should Work With in 2024

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If you’re one of those SaaS businesses that have a strong product that speaks for itself – saas product-led growth agency might be the thing you need to shake up your business strategy. Product-led growth is all about out with the old, in with the new, focusing on what really matters – your product – and shedding endless and complicated sales processes.


What is product-led growth?


Product led growth is a strategy that relies on using your product as the main generator of customer acquisition, customer retention, sales, and finally, growth. In practice, this means giving every user free access to your product with the confidence that high-quality user experience will convert them to customers.


This is particularly well-suited approach for SaaS businesses, which are seeking to put their software front and center of their growth strategy.


Sounds like a bit of a risk? Surely, product-led growth is not for the faint of the heart, but the benefits of this approach have been proven among some of the most successful names in the business – including the likes of WeTransfer, Trello, Zoom, HubSpot, and Survey Monkey. So let’s dig a bit deeper there.


Product-led vs. sales-led growth


The best way to understand the importance and innovative approach of product led growth is to compare it to some traditional growth strategies, mainly sales-led growth.


Sales-led growth is the good old approach of utilizing the sales funnel to target, acquire, convert and sell your product, moving users through different phases of customer journey under the watchful eye of the sales team. Just like the name says it, this type of approach measures success by fast revenue growth and digs deep into the costs and benefits of the sales process with customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, conversion rates, etc.


Product-led growth seeks to cut through the noise and scale down the funnel with a simple onboarding process, quality and simplicity of the product, mostly software, and quick conversion to sales. Product-led growth relies on activation rate, user engagement, retention, conversion, net promoter scores and time to value.


What should you look for in a PLG agency?


Before we look into some of the leaders in product-led growth, let’s look at some of the non-negotiables for agency you work with.

  • Understanding the importance of customer journey – when it comes to SaaS businesses, the agency you work with has to understand your product and the way customers are going to interact with it in all phases of customer journey. This is particularly important when you are seeking to shorten this process and drive it down to 5-6 key points.
  • Attention to detail – and when we say attention to detail, we mean being capable of creating a smooth and seamless user experience on your website.
  • Data focus – while product-led growth strategies seek to put your product as the headliner of the sales process and cut through the noise, that doesn’t mean that your decisions shouldn’t rely on insightful and actionable data.
  • Personalized approach – finally, avoid cookie-cutter solutions. Product-led growth has plenty of complex elements and nuance in its simplicity, so personalized approach and support should be a must when you’re looking for a product-led growth agency.


Best Agencies for Product Led Growth


Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter specializes in offering innovative marketing strategies for B2B SaaS products, helping businesses embark on a PLG journey, but it also offers the expertise to help companies connect with customers at any stage. That means Bounty Hunter is well equipped to help you both with product led-growth and product-led growth supported by traditional strategies, including sales-led growth.


What is Bounty Hunter’s PLG Strategy?


This agency’s PLG strategy is based on four key elements:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • User onboarding optimisation
  • Customer acquisition and retention frameworks
  • Customer analysis


With Bounty Hunter, you get pretty much the whole product-led growth package – starting with a customer journey roadmap suited to your software and business.


They also offer the design and development of high-converting websites specifically tailored for SaaS and B2B businesses as part of optimizing onboarding user experience. Acquisition and retention framework offers optimizations for sign-up and demo process, onboarding, adoption, retention and post-conversion phase.


Finally, the whole strategy is supported by deep analysis of selected key PLG metrics, including customer lifetime value, CAC, NRR, MRR, and other metrics that track data that’s valuable to your business model. Added value for Bounty Hunter is the personalized approach to clients – you get a dedicated team to support you throughout each step of building a product-led growth strategy.


Who are Bounty Hunter’s Best Customers?


Bounty Hunter is working with a number of SaaS product-led companies such as, Sell The Trend, Tokeet, Productive.io, Vacation Tracker, Global App Testing, SixSentix and many others.


Case Studies for Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter has a solid track record with its clients and several case studies to support it. Their client Medesk has reported 110% growth in marketing qualified leads, as well as 65% decrease in cost per lead. Tokeet has seen a 206% increase in demo call bookings, while Global App Testing reported a 77% increase in landing page conversion rate.


Customer review score for Bounty Hunter


Bounty Hunter has an overall review score 4.9 out of 5 on Clutch review app. Clients pointed out Bounty Hunter’s efficiency, dynamic and innovative approach, as well as strong skill set and meticulous planning.


Is Bounty Hunter a good choice for me?


Thanks to its all-encompassing, all-hands-on-deck approach, Bounty Hunter is a good choice for small, mid-size and large businesses, regardless of their experience with product-led growth.




AppCues is a platform tailored for both tech-savvy and non-technical users with the goal of easily restructuring SaaS businesses into product-led growth companies. Founded in 2013, they started off specializing in optimizing the onboarding process for software platforms. In time, they also branched into offering solutions for measuring and improving product adoption. They’ve also founded PLG Collective – a community that represents a unique space for growth-minded professionals to exchange their experiences and ideas.


What is AppCues PLG strategy?


The main use cases for AppCues include:

  • User onboarding
  • Feature adoption
  • Insights
  • NPS and Surveys
  • Mobile adoption


With a special focus on onboarding experience, AppCues makes its approach UI/UX based, starting with a no-code drag-and-drop builder that allows you to personalize onboarding maps and create announcements and roadmaps for adoption of new features.


AppCues also allows you to track key events that give you insight into user behavior with a fairly simple and straightforward analytics dashboard.


Added perks are net promoter score prompts or custom surveys you can use to gain feedback on your software performance. In general, with AppCues you get a ready-to-use, no-hassle, straightforward DIY approach to product-led growth.


Who are AppCues’ Best Customers?


Among more than 1,200 customers, some of the big names that stand out include IBM, OpenTable, SendGrid, and Atlassian.


Case Studies for AppCues


AppCues offers dozens of case studies with a number of their clients. Some of the highlights – Litmus reported that AppCues software helped them increase feature adoption by 22X. After publishing a new onboarding flow created with AppCues, Vidyard saw a 61% increase in video creation and a 55% uptick in activated users.


Customer review score for AppCues


On G2, AppCues boasts a 4.6 out of 5 review score, with clients highlighting its simplicity of use, customizable solutions, and quick setups. However, some users criticized the app for occasional software bugs and glitches, as well as high prices.


Is AppCues a good choice for me?


AppCues is a good choice for SaaS companies that already have outlined product-led-growth roadmaps and strategies and are in need of simple DIY solutions for optimization.


Digital BIAS


Digital BIAS is a HubSpot Agency Partner that works with product-led, subscription-focused businesses in sectors like SaaS, Marketplaces, and e-commerce. Apart from offering classical Hubspot’s inbound marketing and sales solutions, Digital BIAS also extends its area of expertise to rethinking value proposition design and transforming their clients’ business models.


What is Digital BIAS’ PLG strategy?


Digital BIAS offers six distinct product packages:

  • ARISE – Product Marketing GTM
  • AMPLIFY – Account Based Strategy
  • PREDICTIFIED – AI for Sales Teams
  • CHAMPION – Customer Success Playbook
  • REVEAL – PLG and UX/UI Optimization
  • LEEVR – Strategy-as-a-Service


ARISE is a product marketing framework aimed at CMOs and founders launching a new product or optimizing a product launch that can be delivered in 30, 60, or 90 day game plans. BIAS is aimed at SaaS businesses that require a targeted account acquisition strategy and account-based marketing. AMPLIFY is a solution created for CMOs in B2B firms and offers solutions to boost conversions, retention, and expansion. PREDICTIFIED is a sales-teams oriented solution that leans on AI to predict the most likely deals to close and streamline the process. REVEAL is focused on onboarding and customer experience, while LEEVR allows SaaS businesses to collect insights on competitors and identify opportunities to stand out against their competition.


Who are Digital BIAS’ Best Customers?


Some of their clients include Solace, HubX, Tapoly, Integry, Suppeco, Aquant, and DSMN.


Case Studies for Digital Bias


Digital BIAS offers plenty of case studies, often tied to their parent platform Hubspot. Using Digital BIAS fin-tech oriented onboarding optimization that relies on product-led growth, Hi-Books managed to reduce time-to-value for its users from 27 steps to 6. DSMN8 used BIAS solutions to automate their sales process and move towards PLG-oriented strategy.


Customer review score for Digital BIAS


Digital BIAS scored 4.9 out of 5 on HubSpot Ecosystem, with reviewers highlighting the agency team’s support and educational and innovative approach.


Is Digital BIAS a good choice for me?


Digital BIAS stands on solid marketing-oriented platform thanks to its parent HubSpot. On top of that, potential clients have flexible choices depending on whether they are seeking targeted solutions or an all-around approach to building a product-led strategy.


Growth Tribe


GrowthTribe offers a somewhat different approach compared to other agencies on the list, with its main focus on education. With a plethora of courses and certificates from all spheres of growth-oriented business, the platform boasts a powerful alumni network of 35,000 professionals and more than 900 corporate partners.


What is GrowthTribe’s PLG strategy?


GrowthTribe offers more than 15 certificates for digital experts, 24 microlearning units and over 75 modules to choose from. On top of that, clients get access to a rich library of downloadable resources, as well as options to get tailored support, insights and coaching sessions from GrowthTribe experts. Courses range from beginner-friendly to advanced, covering areas of PLG expertise such as Growth Marketing, Digital Product Management and Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, etc.


Who are GrowthTribe’s Best Customers?


GrowthTribe trained individuals and teams from Philips, Bynder, Nike, Schneider Electric, Unilever, and other internationally well-known companies.


Case Studies for GrowthTribe


GrowthTribe offers several case studies from leaders in their respective industries, including an electric vehicle supply equipment company EVBox. GrowthTribe helped them optimize their website, allowing the company to present complex products in a smooth and seamless user experience. This led to a 325% increase in product page visits and helped EVBox maintain a high conversion rate.


Customer review score for GrowthTribe


GrowthTribe has a 4.6 out of 5 score on SchoolReport, with positive feedback focusing on interactive experience, well-structured courses and energized trainers.


Is GrowthTribe a good choice for me?


GrowthTribe is a good choice both for beginners who are looking to build their product-led strategy and knowledge from scratch, and for seasoned professionals and established companies looking to freshen up their business growth model.


Demand Curve by Bell Curve


Demand Curve is an offshoot of ad agency Bell Curve, with a team of marketers focused on product-led growth strategies. Bell Curve is specifically focused on working with startups and using a product-led growth approach in their AdLabs and Story Systems solutions marketed towards newcomers seeking to advertise quickly, effectively and efficiently.


What is DemandCurve’s PLG strategy?


DemandCurve offers new SaaS businesses and other startups its AdLabs program that promises to launch your campaign in two weeks, with a fixed monthly rate, on channels of your choice with a dedicated full-stack team available on demand. Similarly, Story Systems seeks to focus on the client’s product core value, crafting a narrative that resonates with both customers and your team.


DemandCurve hops in with its Growth Program course aimed at startup founders and marketers in need of traction and scaling revenue. What differentiates Growth Program from other similar courses is that it offers 12 different paths tailored to specific SaaS startup’s stage and product. Paths diverge based on traction and growth – including those fine-tuned for B2B software and B2C software. The program is segmented into 6 parts:

  • Growth fundamentals
  • Lay your growth foundation
  • Develop your acquisition strategy
  • Build your funnel
  • Launch channels
  • Learn & Iterate


Who are DemandCurve’s Best Customers?


Some of DemandCurve’s customers include Zendesk, Salesfoce, Intercom, Slack, Stripe, and DropBox.


Is DemandCurve a good choice for me?


DemandCurve alongside BellCurve is a good choice for software startups due to their well-tailored focus on newcomers seeking to streamline their product-led growth strategy.




Choosing the right PLG partner is crucial for your SaaS business’s success, and it’s not a decision that you can make overnight. Whether it’s the tailored strategies of Bounty Hunter, the educational focus of GrowthTribe, or the innovative approaches of Digital BIAS and Demand Curve, each agency offers a unique pathway to growth.


Take your time to weigh everything each agency has to offer. With PLG agencies you’re investing in a partnership that can shape the future of your product. The agency you partner with should not only understand your product in and out but also highlight all the strengths to create the most successful customer journey.


So, ask yourself: which agency resonates most with your product’s vision and your company’s culture? Once you find that, you find a partner who will walk with you every step of the way through your company’s growth.



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