Landing High-Ticket Leads For Sales-led B2B SaaS Company

How our landing page conversion rate approach “plugged the high-ticket leads” and
dialed up conversions for this B2B SaaS company.



Increase in landing page conversion rate



Increase in high-value leads



Reduction in time from demo to SQL

After conducting a detailed audit that included advertising campaigns on major ad networks, landing pages, tracking and funnels, we started working with the client in May 2023.

When we started working, our primary goal was to demonstrate immediate value – the results - read more real SLQs.

After a couple of weeks, the first qualifying leads started showing up in the Hubspot pipeline.

After around two months, we concluded that we were on the right path and needed to speed up the pace. Our strategy was:

  • Optimize and personalize Book A Demo forms
  • Build high-converting competitor landing pages
  • Create case studies and start first remarketing ads using case study banners and landing pages
  • Launch demand capture campaigns on Google and Bing focus on highly targeted keyword intents

About the client

Global App Testing is a standout player in Quality Assurance (QA) testing services, specializing in crowd testing. They've successfully partnered with big names like Facebook and Canva, delivering unparalleled testing services across multiple locations, thanks to a large pool of vetted testers spread across more than 190 countries.

Facing the challenge

The company was stuck in a market packed with B2B software testing companies. The decision-making process for B2B businesses can be slow and involve lots of stakeholders and financial commitment, making it a long marathon instead of a sprint. So the client needed to make sure their unique benefits were clear and convincing if they wanted to stand out. The main challenge Global App Testing faced was a low conversion rate despite considerable traffic to their landing pages. As is often the case with B2B SaaS companies, they struggled with turning visitor inflow into a profitable conversion funnel.

They were seeking an agency that could help them maximize the potential of their incoming traffic.

Main obstacles:

  • Low landing page conversion rate despite high traffic
  • A saturated market makes it hard to stand out
  • A complex and time-consuming decision-making process typical for B2B clients

Setting the goal together with Global App Testing, our shared mission was clear: Increase conversion rate while maintaining the quality and efficiency of the decision-making process.

Once we had our goals and KPIs aligned with Global App Testing's expectations, we defined the objectives that would steer us towards our target.

The objectives

  • 1. Enhance communication of Global App Testing's unique selling points
  • 2. Improve clarity on services and benefits presented on landing pages
  • 3. Speed up the decision-making process of MQL leads

Our approach and results

We decided to stress what makes Global App Testing unique in a market overflowing with competitors. We made Global App Testing's primary value propositions—superior bug detection, fast service, and seamless integration into existing processes—shine.

This focus helped us achieve:

  • 77% increase in landing page conversion rate: With a clear and engaging presentation of Global App Testing's unique benefits, more visitors were convinced to convert.
  • 47% reduction in time from demo to SQL: By providing decision-makers with the right information at the right time, we effectively sped up their decision-making process.
  • 45% increase in high-ticket clients: Our approach introduced more valuable clients into Global App Testing's sales pipeline, significantly boosting their growth potential.

Moving forward

These metrics are just the start of the journey for Global App Testing. With continued refinement and optimization, we aim to push these figures even higher and help the client solidify its position as a leader in the software testing industry.

As we continue to test, analyze data, run A/B tests, and optimize, we set new benchmarks every quarter. This helps Global App Testing acquire more high-quality leads, at a lower cost, and strengthens their competitive position in the market.

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