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The Top SaaS Growth Marketing Agencies to Watch in 2024

5 Best SaaS Growth Marketing Agencies To Work With In 2024

When it comes to growth marketing, SaaS businesses face a never-ending dilemma, especially in the early stages – should you immediately partner up with a marketing agency while the cash flow is still thin, or should you wait, exploit DIY tactics, and risk that cash flow never improves, which will only result in wasted time and missed opportunities? 


If you ask us, inaction is the only thing that can lead to real regret. If you do your research right, you will minimize the risks and ensure you pick a marketing agency that is going to help your SaaS thrive from the moment you start working together.

To help, we have come up with a list of the 5 best SaaS growth marketing agencies to work with in 2024. But, we will also explain the criteria we applied when choosing, so you can understand our decisions better, which will also help you pick your growth partner. 🚀


How to find a good SaaS growth marketing agency?

Even though we would like you to immediately choose Bounty Hunter, we are not going to lie – many of our competitors do an excellent job. However, there are so many agencies out there, and figuring out which one is a good partner for you will require a bit of research. Let’s help:

First things first: Define your needs

Growth marketing is very wide and consists of many different categories that may or may not be useful for your SaaS at your current stage. While you will eventually branch out to different channels, doing that from the get-go is rarely the best use of your budget. It might result in spreading too thin and burning away the funds before the marketing efforts start showing results.

Broadly speaking, here are some of the marketing categories you should consider:

  • Customer acquisition – this is exceptionally important for SaaS, as it will produce the most direct results and result in more paying customers, which will improve the cash flow and allow you to further develop your product.
  • Demand generation – improving demand generation will enlarge the pool of potential customers, as more people will become aware of your SaaS.
  • Social media – when done right and on the right platforms, SMM can still have an impact, even for SaaS.
  • Paid ads – if you want quick results, and are ready to dedicate a budget for paid advertisement, partnering up with a solid PPC agency will show results.
  • Search engine optimization – while SEO is slow, it does produce long-term results, and will result in customers organically reaching your website through search engines.

Look for specific SaaS experience


The first thing you should look for when looking for a digital marketing agency partner is experience working with other SaaS companies. Ideally, you should partner up with people who have experience working in your specific niche, but the least you should consider is the SaaS experience. 

By doing that, you will ensure the agency management knows all the intricacies that come with the SaaS environment and how vital it is to maximize the marketing ROI.

And don’t be fooled by flashy landing pages with bold claims – ask to see specific experiences and concrete information on how a particular marketing approach helped the growth of their SaaS clients. 


Ask for case studies, examples, and testimonials


Once you zero in on potential partners, contact them directly and ask for case studies, examples, and testimonials. Some of the information might be available on their website, but it is always a good idea to hear from them how the process looked, and how the marketing results impacted the core SaaS business. 

Plus, diving deep into past projects will demonstrate their true expertise, and you will quickly realize if they indeed can bring the results their landing pages claim.


Specialist > Generalist


Once you have filtered potential candidates, contacted them, and presented your case, it’s time to compare the offers.

Generally speaking, it is a much better idea to choose specialized agencies that work in forms of digital marketing that will bring you the best results now, than to look for one-size-fits-all solutions and go to broad, paying for services you might never need. 

Later, if your priorities change, you can always expand to a new partner, or ask the agency you are already working with if they have someone they already have a good relationship with.

As we said, it’s a much better idea to spend your budget on one or two categories that will make an impact, than to spread it too thin and burn through everything before any of the efforts start showing results.


5 Best SaaS Growth Marketing Agencies To Work With in 2024

1. Bounty Hunter – for customer acquisition & retention growth
Bounty Hunter Agency
Bounty Hunter focuses mainly on paid advertising strategies to attract new profitable consumers for their SaaS clients. Their customer acquisition strategy framework incorporates extensive research on competitor campaigns, market behavior, sales procedures, product roadmaps, and the company’s goal. 

On the retention side, they mostly provide complete strategies centered on onboarding optimization, adoption and retention optimization, and post-conversion metrics optimization such as CAC, LTV, CaC payback, NRR, and other SaaS metrics. 

Their strongest points are multi-channel ads, retargeting, CRO, landing page optimization, and free trial funnel optimization. 

Some of the most recognizable customers that have put their trust in them are Tokeet, Productive, Global App Testing, and Sell The Trend. 


2. Refine Labs – for demand generation


Refine Labs

Refine Labs focuses on two aspects of digital – marketing & demand, and content & creativity. But, their demand generation services are what sets them apart from the competition.

Their three-part, create-capture-convert demand tactics, and an approach tailored to SaaS, allow them to create tailored tactics for each client. 

But, to ensure the strategy shows concrete results, Refine Labs offers hybrid attribution and revenue data standard measurement. That means you will never wonder if your marketing budget is utilized correctly or wasted away for nothing – Refine Labs will have statistics to show where every 💲 goes.

All in all, if you are looking to expand and build a presence in new avenues and expand the pool of potential customers, Refine Labs might be the digital marketing agency to partner up and increase demand generation.


3. Omnius – for SEO growth


One look at Omnius’s clientele will tell you they are adept at working in fast-paced startup environments, making them a great choice for any SaaS that is just starting but expects rapid growth.

While they do offer a wider category of digital marketing services, content marketing, and SEO are their bread and butter. They offer all of the integral SEO services, from strategy itself, market analysis, keyword research, and positioning, all the way to creating and distributing content. 


Omnius also offers services that follow content closely – website design and development, UI/UX design, search engine marketing, and YouTube SEO. In short, if you need content and everything that goes around it, you won’t regret choosing Omnius.


4. UNLMTD – for social paid ads Growth


The roster of clients that have entrusted UNLMTD with their marketing campaigns speaks volumes about the agency’s caliber. Notable names like Ahrefs.com, The HOTH.com, Authority. Builders, BuddyBoss.com, and a host of others from the SaaS and E-commerce domains bear testament to this performance agency’s expertise and efficacy.

What truly separates them from the competition is its unwavering commitment to leveraging data. By meticulously analyzing and interpreting data insights, UNLMTD crafts advertising campaigns that transcend the ordinary, delivering exceptional results for its clients. It’s this commitment to data-driven decision-making that instills trust in clients, allowing UNLMTD to handle substantial ad budgets with finesse and confidence.

For businesses seeking to soar to new heights, partnering with UNLMTD isn’t merely a choice—it’s a strategic imperative. With a track record that speaks volumes and a commitment to excellence that’s unwavering, this performance agency stands tall as a beacon of success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.


5. Hey Digital – for paid ads growth

Hey digital

Hey Digital is another powerhouse for SaaS digital marketing, showing the best results when it comes to growing through paid traffic.

Their client list is very impressive – you will find big-name SaaS companies such as Hotjar, Writesonic, Pitch, Lokalise…

Besides the actual paid advertising, Hey Digital offers services that accompany it – landing page design and optimization, A/B testing, conversion tracking and deep analytics, video ads, testing, and experimentation. 

Considering their resume, and their expertise, you will hardly find a much better partner than Hey Digital, at least when it comes to paid ads.


Bottom line

All five agencies we have included have something unique to offer. Which particular service your SaaS needs will determine which partner is the right choice at this present moment. 

But, as we said, no choice has to be final – once the agency you choose starts bringing results and customers, you can always expand to other areas of digital marketing by partnering up with a new team of experts, maybe even from our list. 

Just keep growing! 📈



I am a skilled growth hacker and content manager at BountyHunter, with over six years of freelancing experience. Speeding up business growth through innovative marketing and strong storytelling is my speciality. Goals: Company and personal growth.

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