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In today's crowded market for dental payment processing softwares, having a trustworthy brand that tells a story makes all the difference. PraxisPay (formerly DTPayments) realized it was time for a major online revamp to captivate new customers.

With their expertise, Bounty Hunter led PraxisPay through a full-scale rebranding journey, crafting not just an intuitive and clear website but an entire brand identity that resonates with their story.

Client overview

  • Client: PraxisPay
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Founded: 2022
  • Specialties: Payment processing solutions tailored for dental practices

This was the most challenging…

PraxisPay, (DTPayments at a time) faced a significant struggle with positioning their brand amongst other payment softwares. Website they had at a time was half-done:  unstructured, lacked essential information, and failed to convey the company’s unique value proposition. This absence of proper digital presence made it challenging for PraxisPay to communicate its benefits and engage with potential clients.


Main goal in this rebranding project was to focus on a fresh, cohesive visual identity and messaging strategy that clearly communicates their benefits to the dental practice niche, enhancing their online presence.

How we got there?

Taking a hands-on and meticulous approach, we journeyed together with PraxisPay, diving deep into research and real conversations with their customers. Working side by side with Jonathan, PraxisPay's founder, we shaped a brand identity that's not just seen but felt, leading to a digital presence that genuinely engages with their ideal client persona.

Our strategic approach:

Extensive research and customer interviews:

  • We conducted thorough industry research and customer interviews to gain insights into the target market's needs and preferences.
  • Collaborated closely with PraxisPay's founder, to ensure the brand's new direction aligned with the company's vision and values.

Customer-centric value proposition:

  • Leveraged insights we gathered during client interviews to formulate a compelling value proposition that highlighted PraxisPay's benefits, directly addressing the target audience's pain points and desires.

Comprehensive guidelines in the form of a brand book which includes:

  • A fresh visual identity that reflects PraxisPay's all-in-one approach to dental payment processing and managing.
  • A messaging and positioning strategy that puts clarity and warmth in focus, and stays consistent with PraxisPay’s values.
  • Photography and visual guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing materials and digital platforms.

Revitalized digital presence:

  • Launched a redesigned website with a structured, informative layout, embodying the new brand identity and effectively communicating our client’s services and benefits.


The rebranding initiative led by Bounty Hunter has significantly elevated PraxisPay's market presence, resulting in:

  • Marked improvement in brand recognition among dental professionals.
  • A surge in engagement from potential clients, demonstrated by increased website visits and inquiries.
  • A strong foundation for future digital marketing efforts, underpinned by a compelling and cohesive brand identity.


True connection comes from listening. By prioritizing customer insights, prioritizing deep understanding of the client’s business and market, as well as developing a distinct visual and messaging strategy, Bounty Hunter has positioned PraxisPay for sustained success and deeper connections with its target market.

This project is a reminder that at the core of every successful brand is a narrative that not only engages but also converts, one genuine interaction at a time.

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