Mixpanel Setup and Consulting Services

Our experienced Mixpanel consultants can take you from strategy through implementation and beyond,
teaching you how to pull a report, and making recommendations for configurations that would benefit your business.
We’ll share ideas that will keep you engaged and excited about what’s possible using your data.

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The benefits of using Mixpanel

Gather Data

  • How do people use your product
  • How do your onboarding performs
  • Understand DAU/WAU/MAU count

Analyze Information

  • Setting up custom events
  • Setting up event priorities
  • Setting up user profile properties

Improve Decision Making

  • Signup to paid customer conversion rate
  • Find gems in customer verticals
  • What feature customers use the most

What Our Mixpanel Setup Process Looks Like?


Identify your challenges and goals

We begin our onboarding by identifying the challenges you are looking to overcome and the goals want to attain through our onboarding.


Create a personalized Onboarding timeline

After having a clear vision of your goals & challenges, we create a personalized onboarding plan that is tailored for your business model and data you want to have in your Mixpanel account.


Planning Your Data And Guide You Through It

Once both parties agree on the timeline, we create detailed implementation plan and specifications for your Mixpanel account and guide on how to employ it to its fullest.


Data implementation

After we determine on events and properties you want to track we'll provide clear directions to your dev team and let them lead the way through the technical side of implementation.


Create reporting dashboards

After having a full setup off all events and properties you need, we create a personalized dashboards that is tailored to metrics you want to track.

Mixpanel reports you'll receive

Take a look at examples below to see exactly what you get upon completion of Mixpanel setup

Detailed Mixpanel Consulting & Setup timeline

Kick-off Call

  • Team Introduction
  • Identify challenges
  • State the plan

Mixpanel Account setup

  • Setting up dev & production projects
  • Inviting users on Mixpanel
  • Setting up roles & permissions
  • Setting up teams

Data Tracking Specification

  • Introduction to Mixpanel documentation & API
  • Setting up custom events
  • Setting up event priorities
  • Setting up user profile properties

Data Implementation & Verification

  • Creating Workflows
  • Creating Lists
  • Forms and Conversation channels
  • Creating Tasks and task queues

Reports and Dashboard Setup

  • Custom dashboard creation
  • Creating Custom reports
  • Attribution reporting setup

Post Installation and Support

  • After finishing the installation of Mixpanel, we will verify all the setup and move towards achieving next level goals

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