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Best Facebook for SaaS Owners – Everything You Need!

Best from Facebook for SaaS Owners


Are you a SaaS business owner? Do you use Facebook groups and pages to connect with entrepreneurs running their own startups?  If you do, then this list is for you!  Find the best Facebook has to offer for SaaS owners right here. 


How do you find other business owners who have been in the same situation as you? 


You’ve been talking to your customers, and you know how to make your SaaS better. You’ve gathered all of that knowledge – but now what?


For this article, we hand-picked the most engaging and helpful Facebook groups and pages for SaaS owners, deciding to focus only on the communities with the following features: 


  • A high rate of community engagement 
  • A significant number of members
  • No-spam policy 


Below are 9 thriving Facebook groups and pages for SaaS business owners, and we sorted them into three groups: 


  • Early-stage SaaS Startups
  • Sharing knowledge & Making connections
  • Promoting your SaaS business and products


However, keep in mind that many are closed types, so you will need to answer questions or leave your email to enter. 


So, let’s get started!


The Best from Facebook Communities for Early-Stage SaaS Startups 


#1 Startup Mindset


Start Up Mindset best Facebook for SaaS owners


Number of followers: 9.813


Type: Public Page


Topics: Startups, Motivation, Professional Tips


About page


Startup Mindset is a community where you can find a ton of relevant information, recent trends, and tips on early-stage SaaS businesses. This awesome Facebook group is all about sharing tips and strategies about SaaS products. Here you can easily keep up with industry trends. 


What’s unique


Not many social media communities talk about entrepreneurship’s mindset and all professional issues you can encounter as a SaaS owner.  Startup Mindset provides professional and motivational advice. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/Startupmindsetblog/


#2 Startup Live


Startup Live best Facebook for SaaS owners


Number of followers: 28.211


Type: Public Page


Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Acceleration Programs


About page 


The Startup Live page is based on the entrepreneurship acceleration program. It is a global community of entrepreneurial minds and startup influencers who support each other and grow together. Above all, it doesn’t matter if they are high-profile team members, potential investors, experienced mentors, or relevant media representatives. 


What’s unique


The startup Live page is an excellent page for SaaS business owners. Their free live events are perfect for participating, debating, and networking with the best digital industry experts. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/startuplive.org/


#3 StartUp 


Number of members: 70.729


Type: Public Page


Topics: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Professional Tips, Investing


About page


This page is part of Alex Blumberg’s entrepreneurship journey based on his popular show about what it’s really like to start a business. His experience is in public radio, as a producer for This American Life, and as a co-founder of the business-economics series Planet Money. 


What’s unique


Unlike others, you can find what real issues you can encounter on your entrepreneurial journey on this page are. High-value content presented as a case study of Alex Blumberg’s struggle to create a successful business and attract investors. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/hearstartup/ 


The Best Facebook Groups for Sharing Knowledge & Making Connections


#4 SaaS Growth Hacks


Number of members: 24.241


Type: PrivateGroup


Topics: SaaS, Startups, Digital Marketing


About group 


SaaS Growth Hacks is a community of founders, CEOs, and professionals related to the SaaS industry. As a result, this group has helped thousands of SaaS owners to start, scale, and run their businesses successfully. 


What’s unique


This group has a very strict no-spam policy to ensure quality content and outright spam. However, you can still advertise your business in selected promotional threads on Monday and Friday. Also, you can ask for precise feedback and advice anytime. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SaaSgrowthhacking/


#5 B2B Marketers & Founders


Number of members: 4.000


Type: PrivateGroup


Topics: B2B business, Startups, Marketing Tips, Digital Marketing 


About the group 


B2B Marketers & Founders is a group mainly dedicated to Founders/Co-founders, Marketers, Heads of Growth, CMO / VP Of Marketing, COO, and CEO positions. With clear guidelines, this is one of the top B2B industry communities. Hence, this isn’t a place to share content like “How to scrape emails of LinkedIn community members.” Instead, this group encourages sharing strategic evergreen content and asking questions that can really help you solve your marketing challenges.


What’s unique


“Curated Friday” is an excellent opportunity to share all the great content or tools created by community members. Just submit your post/tool, and they’ll review it and share it on Friday if it is a good fit for the community members.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/b2bmarketersnfounders/


#6 Product & Growth with Josh Fechter


Number of members: 25.327


Type: Private Group


Topics: Startups, SaaS, Digital Marketing


About Group


This community was founded in 2016. It represents a challenge to technology leaders and founders to give back to their community by teaching others how to build great products. Whether you’re a growth leader, product manager, or founder, this group is for you to learn, share, and grow. The question you need to answer: Do you have what it takes to execute? If yes, then you’re welcome to participate.


What’s unique


As a highly specialized community, you can get a ton of value from well-known and highly successful founders and tech leaders such as Josh Fechter himself with its ultra-popular BAMF bible. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/growthmarketers/


The Best from Facebook Communities for Promoting your SaaS Business


#7 AppSumo StackSocial Lifetime Deal Fan – Buy/ReSell/Trade Deals


Number of members: 6.695


Type: PrivateGroup


Topics: SaaS, Software Lifetime Deals, Lifetime Subscriptions


About Group 


This group is an independent marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade your lifetime deals. It is not affiliated with AppSumo, StackSocial, or any similar platforms. You can publish posts and listings related to lifetime deals only, and it’s limited only to LTDs.  


What’s unique


If you are a SaaS business owner and want to post your deal or buy, this is a perfect place to promote your product. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/missltd/?ref=gysj


#8 Only Lifetime Deals


Number of followers: 29,020 


Type: Public Page


Topics: SaaS, Software Lifetime Deals, Lifetime Subscriptions


About Page


This awesome Buy/Sell Lifetime Deal page is where you can promote your SaaS products and services. Also, you can get lifetime deals on tools for your team members, ask questions, review deals related to any software and technology. 


What’s unique


On their website, you can submit your product’s lifetime deal. Also, you can find a great offers like expiring deals and get some sweet discounts. 


Link: https://www.facebook.com/onlylifetimedeals/


#9 Product Hunt Upvote Club


Number of members: 3,622


Type: Private group


Topics:  SaaS, Startups, Digital products, Product Hunt  


About this group 


This is a really amazing group to boost up your SaaS product on the Product Hunt. With the help of group members, you can get a nice amount of Upvotes on your request, which can get you significant positioning results. 


What’s unique


If you plan to launch a product on Product Hunt, this is a great place to get extra Upvotes. 


Link: https://web.facebook.com/groups/producthuntupvoters/


Join them all! 


If you are still thinking about what community from this list to join? 


This is a no-brainer – join them all! 


Facebook pages and groups can be a hidden treasure for your SaaS business owners and get tons of value. This list is here to save time that otherwise might have been spent rambling through a vast sea of low-quality Facebook groups and pages. Unfortunately, there are very few where it’s a safe place to share ideas and information without getting spam. 


Give it a try and let us know – which ones make the biggest impact on your SaaS busines



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