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15 Powerful Slack Integrations For Growth Marketers

slack in the middle, and other integrations around it

For growth marketers who are looking for efficiency in productivity and automating communication processes, Slack provides a solution.  As the conveyance of bits of information gets more complex, Slack can greatly assist in transferring that information into the correct communication context and automating certain processes through two-way integrations.


This article covers 15 powerful Slack integrations that turn this platform into a very multipurpose tool for marketing and sales. These integrations allow for smooth task management and enhanced team collaboration right in Slack, simplifying operations that allow to increase the productivity level.


1. Hubspot


hubspot slack integration


With this native integration, you can receive notifications in a specific Slack channel whenever a new deal is added to Hubspot CRM. And, if a high-quality opportunity occurs, teammates can leave emojis to celebrate the small triumph. You may view that deal in Hubspot immediately after clicking the button, saving you time.


Use cases:

  • Lead notifications
  • Campaign Updates
  • Sales Alerts
  • Task Management


2. Databox


slack plus databox


You know that feeling when you receive a message from your marketing manager on client with the subject “How much we spent last week on campaigns and what are the conversion stats”? Instead of looking at your spreadsheet, you can now build a Databox dashboard and provide a shareable link, or even better, schedule weekly snapshots that will display in a Slack channel at a particular time.


Use cases:

  • Real-Time Data Alerts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Goal Tracking
  • Performance Insight


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3. Clickup


slack plus clickup


With this integration you can create, assign, and update tasks, ensuring efficient workflow and project tracking. It also provides real-time updates on task changes and the ability to link Slack messages to ClickUp tasks, enhancing team collaboration and project oversight.


Use cases:

  • Task Notifications
  • Project Progress Updates
  • Task Creation
  • Deadline Reminders


4. Clearbit


slack plus clearbit


The Clearbit integration with Slack provides quick access to detailed profiles on people and companies, aiding sales and marketing teams. It streamlines lead qualification and engagement by offering real-time data within Slack, enhancing productivity and informed decision-making.


Use cases:

  • Lead Enrichment
  • Contact Information Updates
  • Personalization
  • Slack Alerts


5. Mention


slack plus mention


The Mention integration with Slack allows for easy tracking and response to online brand mentions. It helps manage brand reputation, enables quick reactions to customer feedback, and supports active audience engagement. This integration is useful for efficient public relations management.


Use cases:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Collaboration


6. Google Drive


slack plus google drive


The Google Drive integration with Slack simplifies document management and collaboration. It sends Slack notifications when a document is shared with you, eliminating the need to check emails. This feature allows opening shared documents directly in Slack with a click, enhancing efficiency for teams using Google Drive.


Use cases:

  • File Sharing
  • Notifications
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Link Sharing


7. Google Calendar


slack plus google calendar


Google Calendar’s Slack integration streamlines your schedule management. It sends timely reminders in Slack for upcoming events. With just one click, you can join meetings directly from Slack, making it easier to handle your calendar within one platform. This integration boosts productivity by keeping your schedule and meetings accessible in Slack.


Use cases:

  • Event Notifications
  • Event Creation
  • RSVP and Updates
  • Event Details


8. Notion


slack plus notion


The Notion integration with Slack sends real-time notifications to Slack channels when updates are made in Notion. This feature informs team members about changes in the workspace directly through Slack, ensuring efficient collaboration and time management.


Use cases:

  • Notifications
  • Task Management
  • Content Sharing
  • Real-time Updates


9. Intercom


slack plus intercom


Integrating Intercom with Slack streamlines communication management. You can directly receive and reply to Intercom messages in Slack. This facilitates efficient customer interaction and supports issue management, enhancing team collaboration. It’s ideal for maintaining customer relationships without switching between apps.


Use cases:

  • Ticket Creation
  • Collaborative Support
  • Customer Data
  • Instant replies


10 Drift


slack plus drift


The Drift integration with Slack simplifies customer engagement. It allows direct communication with website visitors through Slack for quick responses. This feature improves customer support and sales processes by ensuring efficient customer interaction.


Use cases:

  • Lead Routing
  • Chat in Slack
  • Share Playbooks
  • Lead Insight


How to connect Drift to Slack


11. Loom


slack plus loom



The Loom to Slack integration simplifies sharing video messages in Slack channels and direct messages. You can record and send videos from Loom to Slack, enhancing communication with visual content. It streamlines collaboration, improves remote work interactions, and makes sharing information through video messages easy in Slack.


Use cases:

  • Share Videos
  • Video Messaging
  • Visual Documentation
  • Speedy Communication


12. Manifestly Checklists


slack to manifestly checklist


The Manifestly Checklists integration in Slack streamlines workflow management. It sends notifications and updates about checklists to Slack channels, enhancing team collaboration. This integration simplifies task management, fosters organizational clarity, and aids in tracking and executing processes efficiently.


Use cases:

  • Automated Notifications
  • Collaborative Workflow
  • Task Assignment
  • Productivity Boost


13. Typeform


slack plus typeform


Typeform’s Slack integration allows instant notifications and interactions with Typeform surveys and forms in Slack channels. It simplifies survey data access, fosters team communication, and speeds up decision-making within Slack.


Use cases:

  • Receive Form Responses
  • Collaborate Effortlessly
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Stay Organized


14. Google Analytics


slack plus google analytics


Integrating Google Analytics with Slack enables real-time monitoring of website performance and campaign effectiveness. This convenient tool allows for quick sharing of insights and data-driven decision-making within Slack, streamlining the process of analyzing web traffic and user engagement.


Use cases:

  • Performance Tracking
  • Audience Insights
  • Event Tracking
  • Automated Reporting


15. Zapier


slack plus zapier


The Zapier integration with Slack automates tasks by linking apps to Slack. It provides real-time notifications and data updates in Slack channels. You can create custom workflows, like sending email alerts to Slack or sharing event updates. This simplifies communication and keeps important information in one place.


Use cases:

  • Task Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Form Submissions
  • File Sharing


In summary


These Slack integrations are essential for any growth marketer seeking to optimize their workflow and enhance team communication. Integrations such as Zapier for automation, Google Analytics for insights into the data collected, and Intercom are not only aimed at providing more functions to Slack but also making marketing activities faster than ever before.


Successful application of these tools is not just a simple matter of implementing new technologies: it’s about embedding them carefully into the established processes. The real benefit comes from how these integrations line up with your marketing objectives and the requirements of each team. Being adaptable and using these Slack integrations will help you get ahead of the competition as digital marketing grows. 



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