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SaaS Business Metrics Template

In order to know what to improve, you need data.
To obtain data, you need to keep track of the metrics important for your SaaS business.
This template will teach you which metrics to keep track of and how to calculate it.
Apart from that, each metric is explained - what it means for your business and why you need to keep track of it.

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What Do You Get?

SaaS metrics fully explained

You’ll get a detailed explanation of the most important SaaS business metrics, which will help you gain valuable insights for navigating the future direction of your business.

Ready-to-use formulas

All formulas explained - get the right calculation for each metric you want to track. Just input the numbers and the predefined formulas will do the calculations for you.

Visualized charts

Use the automatically formatted visual charts for your future meetings or in a pitch for your investors.

Who Is This Book For

SaaS Owners

SaaS owners, CEOs and managing directors use our growth model to hit a SaaS marketing strategy real KPIs, reduce buyer journey friction and increase conversion rate.

Marketing Managers

Marketing departments work closely with our growth team. Improve SaaS marketing tactics, automate processes, and drive traffic directly to converting landing pages.

Sales Leaders

We assist sales directors and managers in directing their teams' efforts toward optimizing the sales process and collaborating on SQL targets to increase sales conversion rates.

SaaS Business Metrics Work Sheet

This work sheet template covers everything you need to know about business metrics for your SaaS product, how to calculate them and which data to use in order to get the right insights about your SaaS business growth.

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