What is the Marketing Automation 🤔

Let’s keep this very short – marketing automation is not just email automation it’s automation of the complete processes across the customer journey (in most cases communication happens via email)

Why Your SaaS need Marketing Automation

  • reduce manual efforts
  • speed up your processes, but it can’t fix a broken process as well
  • cross-selling and upselling campaigns
  • scalability in sales seasons

How Marketing Automation Will Help You In Scaling Your Saas

Marketing automation can help you in covering many segments of the customer acquisition journey. From email campaigns, customer in-app messaging to the surveys, and integrations with other relevant tools.

Long story-short!

Let’s jump on our list of 5 Best Marketing Automation Tools for SaaS businesses.

Look closely at our selected list and choose the best tool for you 📧 🚀


Send targeted emails based on what users do in your software.

Convert more users to paying customers.

Personally our favorite marketing automation tool. Because of built-in native integrations with Stripe, Intercom, HubSpot and other favorite apps on the market Encharge enables you to create powerful cross-channel automation flows.
Encharge enables you to send emails based on what people do in your product and automate your marketing process across the user journey.

Really powerful right? So let’s dive deeper into the Encharge key features:

Key features

  • Powerful flow builder
  • Customer Segments
  • Flow Templates
  • Email Editor

Strong points

  • Direct integrations with the most popular marketing tools (Intercom, Stripe, Segment, Typeform, Unbounce)
  • Short learning curve
  • Sync customer data with marketing data
  • Affordable pricing
  • Designed specifically for SaaS businesses

What’s Unique about Encharge

Encharge provides native integrations with Stripe, Intercom, Typeform, Hubspot and other favorite tools. With these integrations

Pricing starts from $49 / mo per user for 0 – 2,000 subscribers

Customer review score
82% out of 100% – saasworthy


User.com declares itself as an “all-in-one Marketing & Sales Automation software”
This tool really makes it easier for everyone to reach out to customers and potential users through a wide range of communication channels: email, live chat, chatbot, push notifications, dynamic page content.
What we like about the User dot com is that they really connect all communications in one place from automating various sales and marketing processes to the end-to-end experience.

Key features

  • Visitors tracking
  • Live chat & Chatbots
  • Knowledge base builder
  • App push notifications
  • In-app and email automation
  • Analytics dashboard

Strong points

  • Well developed API
  • Built-in integrations
  • Template library with automation examples
  • University with 60 videos

Free version is available, regular pricing starts from $49/mo

Customer review score
4.7/5 (Capterra)


Userlist allows you to create behavioral-based in-app messages and email sequences to nurture and engage your customers. This tool will also help you out to improve user onboarding with detailed customer segmentation.

There’s plenty of powerful features listed below.

Key features

  • User onboarding tool
  • Customer segmentation
  • In-app messaging & onboarding
  • Behavior-based email automation
  • One off announcements
  • Visual automation builder

Strong points

  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Company podcast
  • A/B testing options
  • Focused on SaaS only

Starting from $99 / month for up to 5,000 users

Customer review score
5.5/5 (Capterra)


We l.o.v.e Customer.io because it is so easy to use and it’s really one of our favorite marketing automation tools. Managing the tool requires tech savviness but almost no developer efforts at all. Building automated email campaigns is very easy.

Key features

  • Workflow Automation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Event Triggered Emails
  • Dynamic Content
  • Turn Segments into Ad Audiences
  • Metrics and Optimization
  • Ad Audience Sync

Strong points

  • Flexible Data Integrations
  • Comprehensive Email Segmentation
  • Open API
  • Reporting/Analytics

Pricing starts from $150 /mo/per user for unlimited emails, SMS, Push, Webhook

Customer review score
4.6/5 (Capterra)


So, what exactly is Intercom?

Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP). It will help you to build more personalized customer relationships, and by building relationships you will build trust and gain a lifetime customer.
Intercom is like email on steroids with many useful options that will spare your time. Checklist of all the functions is pretty big and the best way is to see for yourself, especially because you’ll have a free trial.

Key features

  • Behavior triggered messages
  • User event tracking
  • Email campaign creation
  • In-app message/email composer
  • Inbound email address
  • Message tagging
  • Personalized reply templates
  • Team assigning
  • Team inbox

Strong points

  • Quickly resolve complex issues one-on-one
  • Answer repetitive questions automatically
  • Get ahead of known problems before customers reach out

Pricing starts from $49 /mo/per user for 2.000 contacts (startups plan)

Customer review score: 4.6/5 (Capterra)

Free Trial: YES

Last but not least

All of these 5 tools are tested by our team, in our projects, and our client’s projects. I would say they are certified by us and they all have passed with flying color. So, don’t look further, grab some of these automation tools and skyrocket your business!

Also, you can always give us a call so we can help with onboarding and setting up everything.

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